Gold Resources Kit


Gold Resources Kit

Each unique Kit contains large rock and gold samples from gold mines in Australia, as well as a variety of classroom materials and teacher resources linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Note: When a Gold Class Session is booked, schools will receive a free, exclusive Gold Resources Kit. Schools currently not within the areas of service for Gold Class Sessions can order a complimentary Gold Resources Kit.

Each Kit includes:

– Bucky Quartz

– Pegmatite

– Dolerite

– Gneiss

– Porphyry

– The Perth Mint Medallion

– A gold leaf vial

– Geological hand lens

Teacher Guide*

Discover Gold in Your Life booklet*

Get into Gold flyer*

Registered ACARA schools across Australia can submit their requests using the form below.

Note: Due to limited availability, our Kits are for registered ACARA Australian schools only and are limited to one per school. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide these resources to homeschools

If you would like access to our resource, please make contact with your local library and have your library contact us at: directly to request a kit to be made available for the local community.