Are the classroom sessions free?

Yes, these presentations are free, thanks to the Gold Industry Group and its supporting member companies participating in the program as gold class facilitators.

What should I do if I want to book more than one session?

Please fill in separate booking forms for each class. If these bookings are all submitted for the same date, you may either receive one Facilitator to your school or several. Each Facilitator’s contact information will be provided prior to the session in a booking confirmation email.

What is required of my school?

Please ensure the Administration staff are aware a guest presenter will arrive on the requested date, and they have access to a laptop, computer or Smartboard and projector screen as they will have their demonstration ready on a USB drive. If your students have devices, please ensure the free Heart of Gold Australia app is pre-downloaded to each device, along with the app bundle, as the Facilitator will refer to this during their demonstration.

All facilitators are gold industry professionals who have volunteered their time to deliver this program, so please make them feel welcome and support them with behaviour management of students.

We will follow up post-session for your feedback regarding the experience and ask that you please take the time to complete a short survey so that we may continue to improve the program. Please also share any photos taken on the day with us on social media and tag us #heartofgold and #experiencegold. If your school publishes a piece on the experience, please also send this to us at info@goldindustrygroup.com.au.

Do I need to download the Heart of Gold Australia app prior to the session?

Ideally, the students would have access to the free app so they can be introduced to its content by the facilitator during their demonstration. If this is not possible, please advise the facilitator beforehand, and they will adjust the demonstration accordingly.

Do Facilitators have a Working with Children (WWC) Check?

As facilitators will present to students under the close supervision of their teacher/s a WWC Check is not a requirement to deliver the program. However, if your school requires that all guest presenters hold a WWC Check, please contact us so that a suitable facilitator can be allocated to your booking.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Once a facilitator has been allocated to your requested session, you will receive a booking confirmation email with that facilitator’s details. Please contact them directly to cancel your booking. If you have not yet received a confirmation email, please contact us to cancel your booking.